BEFE QEnergySpa Miscellaneous Parts

Our miscellaneous products include Copper Tub, timers, fuses, and cleaning supplies. Find all the extra miscellaneous tools to keep your BEFE QEnergySpa in tip top shape right here!

BEFE Misc. Parts
Descale Magic Descaler and Sanitizer



Potassium Citrate 3 pack of 100 grams each
Potassium Citrate 10 Pack


Descale Magic: Descaler and Sanitizer

Descale Magic Cleaning Solution is a biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning solution. This product is suitable to clean the BEFE QEnergySpa, Orb, Array and Copper Tub. Cleaning these items on a regular basis may extend the life of your products, as well as keep them cleaner.

(2 Pouches of 40g)

$6.00 Item # DSMx2



Potassium Citrate, 100g

Potassium citrate (food grade) raises the conductivity level 

of the water safely for use with the QEnergySpa, BEFE.

Potassium Citrate is ONLY added if your water is lacking conductivity. For example, the water quality in many major cities is deficient of minerals. Cities like New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Chicago may require this mineral. Hence, this requires Potassium Citrate to increase conductivity. That said, Potassium Citrate is NOT required for all water. You want to see at least 2 LIGHTS on your BEFE QEnergySpa display panel to confirm that you have enough conductivity. On the Models 4100, 4105, q46 or q47 – you will receive a display that alerts you of low conductivity. All other models reveal a display panel.

Pack of (3)                       Pack of (10)

$22.00  – Item #PC3               $65.00 – Item# PC10

Copper Foot Tub





10 Pack of Fuses




Fuse Holder





Copper Foot Tub

Copper Foot Tub made from solid, untreated, unvarnished.

Copper Tub, Solid, untreated, unvarnished.Our tub is solid, untreated and unvarnished copper. For use with the QEnergySpa, BEFE. (Made to order with 1 week delay delivery time) Dimensions: Copper Foot Tub: (Diameter: 16? Circumference x 7? Deep)All of our foot tubs are hand tapped. They are made in the USA. Our tubs are solid, 100% pure copper, with handles for easy carrying. This tub is custom built for a foot bath session. For instance, most feet sizes, a handle for easy carrying, and deep enough for optimum water level.

$299.00 – Item # CTUB


Fuse Packs

4 amp 250 Volt Fuse – 10 each (Fits in Front) #F104

2 amp 250 Volt Fuse – 10 each (Fits in BACK) #F102

Fuses provided for our QEnergySpa, BEFE Unit are UL Rated (manufactured to a set standard) which makes our fuses, if used correctly, last longer and a better quality fuse.



Fuse Holder Insert

Fuse Holder Insert holds the fuse in the slot.

It holds the 4 amp or 2 amp fuse in the fuse slot.
Fits ALL BEFE and Q Energy Spa models.

$15.00 – Item # FH


QEnergySpa BEFE Carrying Bag

This bag features (2) compartments. One compartment for the BEFE QEnergySpa.
One compartment for the orb and cable, as well as storing extra rings, tracks, and user guide.

$40.00 – Item#QBag