QEnergySpa, BEFE Orb Parts

All ORB Consumables including orbs and orb parts to fit the QEnergySpa BEFE.

BEFE/QEnergy Spa Genuine Parts and Accessories Available Here.

Orb II

Orb II Complete

This is the entire Orb part that goes in the water on the QEnergy Spa Foot Bath System. (The complete system requires an ORB II along with a cable and power supply). The Orb contains conductive metal plates, which create an interactive field between the water and your own energy.

Fits BEFE QEnergySpa Models: 3006, 3024B, 3024D, 2100, 2500, 3100, 4100, 4105, 26, 36, 46, 47.

 Included:  – Orb II

$225.00 – Item # ORB

Orb II Shell Set - Top and Bottom Shell

Orb II Shell Set

Orb II Shell set is a replacement part for your Orb II used with the QEnergySpa System.This part is the top and bottom Orb II shell part set.


 Included: Top and Bottom Orb II Shell Set

$90.00 – Item # OrbSTB


Orb Internal Replenishment Kit

Orb II Shell set is a replacement part for your Orb II used with the QEnergySpa System.This part is the top and bottom Orb II shell part set.

 Included: Center Module, Button Set Button Set (Top and bottom ring with rod) and Ring/Track set.

$130.00 – Item # ORBRK

ORB II Shell TOP (ORB Shell Top ONLY)

ORB II Shell TOP (ORB Shell Top ONLY)

ORB II Shell TOP Replacement part

 Included: ORB II Shell TOP (ONLY)

$40.00 – Item # ORBST

QEnergySpa Orb Shell Bottom


QEnergySpa Orb Shell Bottom (ONLY)

ORB II Shell Bottom Replacement part

Included: ORB II Shell Bottom (ONLY)

$45.00 – Item # ORBSB

Orb II Locking Clip

Orb II Locking Clip (Set of 3)

ORB II Shell Cable Locking Clips Locks Cable “Mohawk” to the Orb II

 Included: ORB II Locking Clips (3 pk)

$25.00 – Item # ORBCLC

Top and Bottom Button Set for Orb II
Top Button fits Orb II Shell Top
Orb II Bottom Button - fits Orb II Bottom Shell
Orb Center Module

Top and Bottom Button

Set for Orb II


Replacement part


TOP and Bottom Button Set

$25.00 – Item # OrbBTB

Orb II Top Button 

Orb II Top Button Replacement part.

Fits in the Top Orb II Shell.

$15.00 – Item # OrbBT


Orb II Bottom Button

Orb II Bottom Replacement part.

Fits in the Bottom Orb II Shell.

$13.00 – Item # OrbBB

Orb Center Module

ORB Center Module w/3 rings replacement part for the Orb II.

$90.00 – Item # CM



Genuine Manufacturer’s Parts and Accessories

The Orb II will fit every BEFE QEnergySpa model with the proper cable. If you own an old BEFE, and your array is no longer working, we can fit the

Orb II with the proper cable. Just call and let us know which model you own – we can get you back in a foot bath soon! With frequent BEFE/QEnergySpa

sessions you will want to keep a small supply of rings, tracks and orb parts for the BEFE/QEnergy Spa on hand. Even an extra orb and cable if you are a

practitioner or individual doing frequent back-to-back foot bath sessions.


The BEFE/QEnergy Spas work through the medium of water by making available extra energy that living cells utilize. There are many different cells in the body. They all need water for hydration and energy. With the depletion of either water or energy, the cells are deprived and poor health can result. This is why the BEFE/QEnergy Spa is so beneficial. A foot detox bath session keeps your cells healthy and energized and that’s not only smart, but it’s also vital. Users report that regular foot bath sessions have improved their health and wellness. A BEFE/QEnergy Spa session doesn’t take a lot of time either, just 35 minutes every other day.


Whatever your needs for your BEFE/QEnergy Spa, you will find the parts and accessories available for immediate shipment directly from the manufacturer to you. Are you uncertain about what you need to keep your Orb, cable or Q Machine running smoothly? No problem!

We have all the parts you need to replenish your BEFE Q Energy Spa.


How to Use ORB
Simply submerge the Orb II in a container of water. Connect the electrically safe, extra low voltage power supply and place the selected body part into the water. Turn the QEnergySpa, BEFE on for a maximum of 35 minutes, every second day for the first cycle of 14 sessions, followed by a short rest period of 21 days. Repeat this process for 9 cycles for maximum benefit.

Replace the Rings and Track when visibly pitted and or worn

How do you know when is the best time to replace the rings and tracks?
CLICK HERE to see an example of when is the best time to replace.